Keith Chantler

Keith Thomas Chantler – Our Founder and former CEO 

TRUSTECH was created as a result of Keith Chantler’s vision and mission to improve healthcare and innovation in the NHS. As a ‘one of a kind’ and visionary, Keith brought significant experience in delivering NHS research and innovation management services, regionally, nationally and internationally, all of which informed and guided the strategic direction of the organisation.

On the 16 September 2018, Keith sadly died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 67.

Keith enabled the spread of best practice in healthcare, as well as the identification and implementation of new ideas for treatments, products, services and training across the health and care systems.

Keith originally came from the private sector and joined the NHS over 36 years ago, where he soon established a reputation for original thinking and strategic development.

He was the Director of Innovation for the Manchester University Foundation Trust (MFT), Executive Director of TRUSTECH and TRUSTECH Smart Healthcare Ventures Ltd., as well as being involved with strategic partnerships across Europe, the USA and elsewhere.

A family man, with firm roots in the North West, his boundless energy generated numerous thought provoking ideas, and he dedicated his life to improving patient care and outcomes. TRUSTECH was established more than 17 years ago to capture, protect, licence, invest in and develop the Intellectual Property generated within the NHS. In recent years, it has evolved further to support innovation and inventors while providing a dynamic bridge between industry and the NHS.

Keith led by example as well as overseeing significant MFT developments such as the Citylabs Campus.

TRUSTECH would not exist without his inspiration and long term strategic vision.

He will be greatly missed by his family, many friends and colleagues.

His work will endure, and live on in our memories and actions.

Keith, “Thank You”. 

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