TRUSTECH is an Innovation Consultancy that has recently spun out from its long-standing host Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

TRUSTECH has a core team of experienced consultants, supported by a network of specialist associates, ensuring we can provide the highest standards of service and meet the needs of our customers.

TRUSTECH provides a suite of specialist innovation services to support organisations and individuals to improve health and social outcomes. We have worked with a wide range of organisations from the commercial, public and academic sectors, helping them to gain insight and expertise to develop innovative new solutions or deliver successful programmes of innovation activity.

TRUSTECH has experience and expertise in the design, development, delivery and tendering for large-scale Strategic Programmes, as well as provision of independent consulting review of such programmes.

TRUSTECH has developed a portfolio of successful support programmes Start Up, Spin Out and Scale Up, enabling individuals and organisations to create sustainable organisations, protecting intellectual property and increasing the value back to society.

TRUSTECH has delivered a range of Training and Education programmes to a variety of organisations supporting the continued professional development of teams and nurturing a culture of innovation.

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