Spin Out Support #005

The Service Directors approached the Head of Innovation in an NHS organisation requesting support and guidance in how to build a sustainable organisation outside of the host entity.

The team were well funded with an apparently well populated opportunity pipeline and good internal controls.

Other Key Stakeholders had requested a detailed service review and options appraisal to inform the future strategy of the service.

TRUSTECH support

TRUSTECH allocated one of our experienced project managers to work with the Service Directors and the Key Stakeholders, produce a Viability Audit considering, the services provided and  the market, a high level 3 year profit and loss was produced, drawing accounting information from both the NHS and university.

The Viability Audit identified that there was potential to create a spin out from the NHS , however a full service review was required to ensure sustainability of any future organisation.

TRUSTECH have been engaged to complete the business review and support the Service Directors to prepare the team for a future options appraisal with a view to spinning out into an appropriate organisational structure.

Need to complete an independent service review?

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