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Children who receive cancer treatment through a Central Venous Catheter (CVC) are at risk of premature line removal. Their ability to move and be active can also be hampered by the line becoming twisted, looped or snagged. Line removal can be catastrophic for patients receiving long-term chemotherapy, and can result in serious infections with the risk of death.

Tookie is a wearable medical device which maintains the integrity of the CVC and prevents infection by safely and firmly retaining the CVC. It is primarily designed for use during transition from hospital to home. While wearing the vest, a child can take part in play and other physical and social activities with less concern for accidental CVC removal. This has been shown to boost self-esteem and personal development.

TRUSTECH support

Assisted with a successful funding application to TITCH (Technology Innovation Transforming Child Health)

Guidance through the process of building up an evidence base:

Provided advice on the most useful research to undertake.

Helped develop and build Tookie’s case for obtaining CE marking.

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