Strategic Programmes: Step INto Healthcare

Greater Manchester business-to-business SMEs looking to engage with the NHS for the first time often struggle with how to pitch their solutions; who the best people to engage with are and what is the best way to articulate their value proposition.

Developed and delivered by TRUSTECH in partnership with Health Innovation Manchester and the GM Business Growth Hub, the STEP INto Healthcare programme enables SMEs to engage more effectively with the NHS.

The programme uses training sessions, workshops and 1-2-1 support to assist companies with refining their evidence base, value proposition and pitching skills.

The topics covered include the UK healthcare landscape and procurement within the NHS. STEP INto Healthcare culminates in a ‘mock’ pitch by the SMEs to leading NHS procurement professionals, which provides a lifelike experience of the scenarios they may encounter when meeting with procurement teams.

Additionally, a series of Masterclass sessions focuses on areas such as: digital health, medical product development and funding. The intense sessions are designed to help SMEs improve their knowledge gaps and provide access to key experts to help their business to succeed.

TRUSTECH support

Developed a schedule of activity, bringing in experts from the NHS and business development communities.

Created a memorable visual identity and delivered a marketing strategy to promote the programme.

Managed the attendance and participation of businesses

Looking to turn strategy into operational realtiy

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