Spin Out Support #007

Following a referral by another customer the Service Directors of a joint university/NHS service approached TRUSTECH directly to understand how to build a sustainable organisation outside of the host entity.

The team were well funded with a well established customer and collaborator network and good internal controls and keen to investigate the most appropriate organisational structure

The commercialisation and innovation teams of the university and the NHS trust approved the engagement of TRUSTECH to complete the feasibility review and detailed options appraisal.

TRUSTECH support

TRUSTECH allocated an experienced and multi-disciplined team work with the Service Directors and the Key Stakeholders, produce a Viability Audit and complete an in-depth stakeholder engagement review.

The Viability Audit and Stakeholder Engagement review have identified that there was potential to create a start up to operate alongside the existing service teams

TRUSTECH have been engaged to develop a detailed operational and go to market plan, that aligns with the ethos of the service and the views of the wider stakeholders

Need to complete an independent service review?

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